Lee Seung Hyun (SeungRi) is the newest member of Korea Boy Band Big Bang. Seung Ri is also the youngest member of the group. Don't be confused with Lee Seung Hyun with another Big Bang member "Choi Seung Hyun-TOP".

Seung Ri Profile :
Stage Name: Seung Ri (승리); V.I
Former Stage Name: V & Victory
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Position: Vocalist / Choreographer
Birthdate: 12.12.1990
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Parents and younger sister
Position: Vocalist, choreographer
Personality: Mostly energetic

Specialty : Singing, Dancing, &  Choreographing.
Personality : Very strong, for the youngest member of the group he is pretty mature, because his Blood type is A, he is very shy and keeps a lot of things to himself.
Likes : foreign languages
Musicians he admires: Justin Timberlake and omarion.
Determination : fighting! I cannot return home.
Past Experiences : battle of shinhwa
< June ~ August 2005>
Was in Kwangju dance team “Il Hwa”
< August 2003 ~ January 2005>

* "Seung Ri", is the "Little Brother" of Big Bang. His name when Big Bang debuted, was "V" which is derived from Victory. YG's staff call him "Mag-nae", which means "the youngest or baby in a family". Before joining Big Bang, Seung Ri was on "Battle Shinhwa", a show that was searching for the second Shinhwa, which was one of the most successful Korean boy bands to date

More Information about Seungri:

Because Seung Ri shares the same name as fellow member TOP (Choi Seung Hyun), he is often called by his stage name Seung Ri, which means 'Victory' in Korean. This therefore explains his very 1st stage name 'V' when Big Bang debuted. Otherwise, he is also called the 'maknae' which means the youngest.

Before joining Big Bang, Seung Ri was a member of Il Hwa, a Gwangju dance team which performed at various public events from August 2003 to January 2005. He was also on "Battle Shinhwa", a show that looked for the second Shinhwa, one of the most successful Korean boy bands to date. However, he was rejected in the 13th episode because although he was a great dancer, his vocals failed to impress. However, his talent was noticed by YG's CEO who said Seung Ri's outstanding dance skills earned him a place in the company, as he was shocked that Seung Ri had an incredible ability to create his own dance routines for performances, and hence he was recruited into YG.

At the Golden Disk Awards in December 2007, Seung Ri injured his ankle during the reharsals but still performed at the awards ceremony, avaggrating his injury, resulting in him missing MBC Music Core's 100th episode special with Daesung and TOP for the Seo Ta Ji tribute performance. On the 29th, in the middle of the 'Big Bang is Great' 2nd concert, Seung Ri was rushed into the emergency room when his ankle's condition worsened during the concert. The next day, he still continued to particpate in Big Bang's concert which brought much surprise to fans who thought he would rest due to his condition.

Seung Ri is also the first member of Big Bang to star in a musical. In February 2008, he was double casted for the main lead of the popular musical 'Sonagi', transforming from a singer to his first work as an actor. The musical 'Sonagi' is recognised for it's production and popularity, based on a popular short story - describing as being a painful and pure love story which is even thought in textbooks in Korea. Seung Ri was casted for the male lead after 3 auditions at the Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre. He performed in 18-19 out of the 39 planned performancs of the musical in the Seoul Sejong Cultural Centre's M Theatre from 12th April to 5th May.

He also showed an interest in filming and to date, is the second member to debut as an actor after fellow member, T.O.P. He filmed his first film role in June 2008. Titled 우리집에 왜 왔니 ("Why Did You Come to Our House?"), the film also stars Kang Hye Jung and featured Seung Ri as Kang\'s first love. The movie is about Byung Heel (played by Park Hee Soon), the owner of the house, who has lost his wife in an accident and suffers from dementia and Soo Kang (played by Kang Hye Jung) someone who came has left her first love during her high school time and still holds thoughts of her first love, loitering around the neighbourhood. The film was scheduled to be released at the end of 2008.

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